Satin Pillow Case

Satin Pillow Case

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There are so many benefits of using a satin pillowcase especially since we are sleeping 1/3 of the day (hopefully).
Here’s some Benefits of using a satin pillow case:

-Less frizz from breakage, moisture loss and damage to hair

-Less wrinkles from moisture loss in skin

-Less skin damage. Cotton = scrapey side of sponge. On your face. For 8 hours....

-Less moisture loss since cotton absorbs moisture

-Less sleep creases that can turn into deep wrinkles!!

-Less break outs since has a tighter weave so less moisture and makeup hangs out in between fibers giving bacteria less food

-Less tugging leads to less loss of skin elasticity

Don’t sleep without one of these!!! Your skin and hair will thank you!

Available colors dark grey, light grey, taupe and black

Queen sized, envelope style 100% satin polyester pillow case